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Ombre Brows.png

Powder brows is a technique of semi permanent cosmetic tattooing which is performed specifically on the eyebrows. Pigment is manually deposited into the skin using a small tattoo machine leaving a ombre’ effect where the pigment gradually fades from the bulb of the brow to the tail end (going from lighter to darker).

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*A second session is recommended 6-12 following the initial appointment. The touch up session is to fill in any patches, add more darkness, and/or correct any areas.*

Outstanding Results

“I'm sooooo in love with my new brows. Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job. I highly recommend getting this service. The results are beautiful and I feel more confident than ever. Like seriously, I've been turning heads and getting compliments from left to right. Thanks again Breona!!”

I got my brows done for the first time with EOY in September. I use to have really thick brows but after waxing & threading for years they just got thinner and shapeless so I was really excited to get them done. I almost cried when Breona was done because they looked that BOMB! I got a touch up in December & this is how they look now with no product. Just Gorgeous! Breona truly is the best her work & I will never let anyone else touch my brows! Please let her snatch your brows, you will not be disappointed!”

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