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Eyes On You Artistry is a brand that believes in empowerment, simply! Eyebrows are just one of those critical elements that easily defines your look. They’re your statement pieces to your face. We aspire to uplift everyone seeking services by providing a more even and fuller look to your brows.


What are Ombre’ Powder/Shaded Brows?

Powder brows is a technique of semi permanent cosmetic tattooing which is performed specifically on the eyebrows. Pigment is manually deposited into the skin using a small tattoo machine leaving a ombre’ effect where the pigment gradually fades from the bulb of the brow to the tail end (going from lighter to darker). Click the link below to schedule your appointment.

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What are the benefits of Powder brows?

Unless you were blessed with naturally perfect eyebrows, at some point you’ve had to do some work to them. Most women either take regular visits to the salons for waxing, receive eyebrow threading services, or groom them themselves. All of which could be effective, but run the risk of compromising your brow’s thickness and the shape. Once completed, the biggest benefit is time saved! You’ll literally be able to say '“I woke up like this” (in your Beyonce’ voice). Another benefit is having the guideline there so that when you go to clean off the excess hair growth beneath your arch, there will be no more mistakes in removing hairs.

Am I an ideal candidate for Ombre’ Powder Brows?

Thinking about taking the leap but unsure if you’re ideal? This service is perfect for the individual seeking a more natural fuller look to the brow. Click below to determine further if you qualify to have services performed.

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Our Promise

At Eyes On You Artistry, we promise to always go the extra mile to ensure safety measures are being strictly adhered to, you’re comfortable, and you leave feeling more confident with a beautiful new set of eyebrows.


“Defined brows instantly make you look more polished”

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